Daily Work

Daily updates and routine tasks are uploaded here to show our regular and new customers our work.

  • GMC Sierra Electrical Fault
    A guy came up with an issue in his GMC sierra that whenever he drives offroad or cross a hump, the dash lights disappear and all gauges stop working. Thats straight away short to ground and i fixed it. See the pictures, thats how much an electrician has to work to find the faults.
  • Electrician Desk
    This is my favourite job in the field. I love to work on Alternators and Starter Motors.
  • Instrument Cluster Repair
    A customer came up with the complain that his instrument cluster illumination is not proper. So we did a fix on his Nissan Patrol as you can see below.
  • Throttle Service
    There was lack of power in Toyota camry and we fixed it by just cleaning the throttle body. See the results
  • Short to Voltage
    A short to voltage was found in, Mercedes E240 W210 1998, fusebox that allowed to radiator fan to run all times and troubled the ignition switch. See what we found
  • Honda
    All Honda models are being studied and repaired as per original made.
  • Mitsubishi
    Mitsubishi repair and maintenance is now easy at King Automobile
  • Toyota
    We are expert at Toyota Engine and Transmission. Check out our services for toyota models.