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Latest updates and routine tasks are uploaded here to show our regular and new customers our work.

  • What are the reviews?
    What do our customers say about us. Watch the reviews taken from google. Reviews are very important for any business & we take it seriously to improve our performance and services.
  • Lexus Paint Work
    Lexus Paint Work done at KingAutoQatar Types of Car Paint: Step By Step Car Painting Process Explained Different types of car paint play an important part in honing its visual appeal and protecting the surface. Car paint is also one of the key factors that compels people to purchase it. A quality car paint gives… Read more: Lexus Paint Work
  • Car Paint Job
    Car Paint Job: Color change on Nissan Armada was done at King Automobile in Qatar. Video recorded by W.FilmsYou on demand by King Automobile. Types of Car Paint: Step By Step Car Painting Process Explained Different types of car paint play an important part in honing its visual appeal and protecting the surface. Car paint… Read more: Car Paint Job
  • Best Car Workshop in Qatar
    Mr Haider and his son are there to solve your car issues in very reasonable price, their aim is always fixing problems rather changing parts. Visit once and you will know their 25 years experience in automotive repair. Click to see Services or Book an Appointment. Auto repair shop services Qatar, Automotive repair shop Qatar,… Read more: Best Car Workshop in Qatar
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Repair
    Common toyota land cruiser problem in gulf. This is the most interesting case of Can Communication issue that would be answered and explained in person. Kindly, contact us to find out the reason of blinking warning signs on Toyota Land Cruiser. Watch the video below and enjoy. What is CAN bus? Your car is like… Read more: Toyota Land Cruiser Repair
  • Mini Cooper Repair
    Mini Cooper Repair is our another success story. Here a customer called us with a no start complain in his Mini Cooper Clubman 2014. We reached to his location and did scanner test but didn’t find any fault code. On measuring volts and grounds, we found that the ignition coils are not getting feed positive… Read more: Mini Cooper Repair
  • Honda City Cluster Repair
    Honda City 2017 Dashboard | Cluster Repair: A customer came to our shop with abnormal instrument cluster behaviour and wrong data on guages. We did all kind of tests to find out the problem but couldn’t fix, at the end we just found a bad ground point on Meter circuit board. Fixing that ground fixed… Read more: Honda City Cluster Repair
  • Chevy Cruze Code 89
    Chevy Cruze Code 89: A customer called us for Low Power / Battery Drain and Code 89 problem on his Chevy Cruze 2012. We did scanner test at his location and found the fault codes for electrical thermostat. On visual inspection we found two naked wires on thermostat touching each other, we just separated them… Read more: Chevy Cruze Code 89
  • Car Computer Check
    Car Computer Check at Your Location: Get car computer check and testing service at your location in Qatar that includes all electrical and engine performance diagnosis at your doorstep on a single call. Book an appointment with our diagnostician on WhatsApp: 3006 2418  and he will be there for electrical diagnostics. Services Provided: Computer check with… Read more: Car Computer Check
  • Keyless Entry – Start/Stop Switch
    It was a random call and the guy requested me to install keyless entry start/stop system in his Toyota Camry 2005. Right away I invited him to my workshop and he showed me the device and wiring diagram. It was straight forward and very easy. We started working on it and it took few hours… Read more: Keyless Entry – Start/Stop Switch
  • GMC Sierra Electrical Repair
    GMC Sierra Electrical Repair is always an interesting job for any electrician. A guy came up with an issue in his GMC sierra that whenever he drives offroad or cross a hump, the dash lights disappear and all gauges stop working. Thats straight away short to ground and i fixed it. See the pictures, thats… Read more: GMC Sierra Electrical Repair
  • Electrician Desk
    This is my favourite job in the field. I love to work on Alternators and Starter Motors.
  • Instrument Cluster Repair
    Instrument Cluster Repair is the most interesting but painful job. A customer came up with the complain that his instrument cluster illumination is not proper. So we did a fix on his Nissan Patrol as you can see below. WHAT IS AN INSTRUMENT CLUSTER? Every vehicle has an instrument cluster. It’s right in front of… Read more: Instrument Cluster Repair
  • Throttle Service
    Throttle service is as important as engine oil change. There was lack of power in Toyota camry and we fixed it by just cleaning the throttle body. See the results What Is a Throttle Body? The throttle body is a component of the air intake system in most vehicles. The air intake system is responsible… Read more: Throttle Service
  • Short to Voltage
    A good auto electrician in Qatar to find short to voltage is not easy to find. At King Auto Qatar, a short to voltage was found in, Mercedes E240 W210 1998, fusebox that allowed to radiator fan to run all times and troubled the ignition switch. See what we found What Is an Electrical Short?… Read more: Short to Voltage
  • Honda
    All Honda models are being studied and repaired as per original made.
  • Mitsubishi
    Mitsubishi repair and maintenance is now easy at King Automobile
  • Toyota
    We are expert at Toyota Engine and Transmission. Check out our services for toyota models.