Keyless Entry – Start/Stop Switch

It was a random call and the guy requested me to install keyless entry start/stop system in his Toyota Camry 2005. Right away I invited him to my workshop and he showed me the device and wiring diagram. It was straight forward and very easy.

We started working on it and it took few hours to figure out which wire goes where and connects to what module.

The ignition switch was removed but the immobiliser and chip were adjusted under dash above steering shaft.

Watch the pictures and see how many connections were made. For more information, you can comment or if you are in Qatar you can call me at 3006 2418.

What Is Keyless Entry?

A keyless entry system allows you to lock and unlock your car without using a mechanical key. Nowadays, most keyless entry systems use a transmitter fob to generate the lock and unlock signal.

The first keyless entry systems included a numeral pad placed on the driver or front passenger door. Besides locking and unlocking the doors, by entering a code, you could roll down the windows, open the sunroof, or open the trunk.

However, having to manually enter a code every time isn’t efficient, and it doesn’t allow you to remotely unlock or lock your car’s doors. Additionally, there’s the security issue if you’ve bought a used car or if you are lending the car to someone else. While you could change the security code, it’s definitely inconvenient to do it every time.

How Does Keyless Entry Work?

Modern keyless entry systems use a key fob with two or more buttons to control the locks, trunk, or windows. When you push one of the buttons, the key fob sends a radio frequency signal to a receiver unit within the car. Usually, the range is around 15 to 45 feet.

More advanced systems allow you to unlock the doors or open the trunk without having to press any button. You just have to be within 5 to 10 feet of the vehicle and have the key in one of your pockets or in a bag.

When you place your hand on the door handle or move one foot under the rear bumper, the car will detect the movement and send a short radio signal. If the key fob is in range, the doors will unlock or the trunk will open. Furthermore, cars with a keyless system typically don’t use a mechanical key to start the engine. Instead, you can start or turn off the engine with the push of a button.

In general, when locking or unlocking the car, the system will give some kind of audio or visual signal. This could mean flashing the lights or a short usage of the horn, depending on the manufacturer.

What Is Remote Keyless Entry?

You could say the remote keyless entry system is the upgraded version of the keyless entry system. The main improvement is that the remote version can be used over a larger distance. The remote keyless entry (RKE) could also include the remote keyless ignition system (RKI).

So, you can even remotely start the engine and heat up the car, a great advantage during the cold seasons. Instead of sitting in a cold car, you can drink your coffee from the comfort of your home while the windshield defrosts.

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