Throttle Service

Throttle service is as important as engine oil change. There was lack of power in Toyota camry and we fixed it by just cleaning the throttle body. See the results

What Is a Throttle Body?

The throttle body is a component of the air intake system in most vehicles. The air intake system is responsible for bringing air into the combustion chamber. The throttle body controls airflow with its butterfly valve, also known as the throttle plate, which rotates on a shaft and opens when you press the gas pedal. The throttle plate closes and cuts off the airflow once the gas pedal is released. This process allows the air to enter the combustion chamber at an appropriate rate. A clean throttle body will help your vehicle maintain a balanced air-fuel ratio, which contributes to your engine’s performance. 

Why Should You Schedule Throttle Body Service?

So, why is throttle body service important? When a technician performs throttle body service, they’ll typically focus on cleaning the throttle body. Over time, sludge and other harmful materials enter the throttle body. A buildup of these materials and debris in the throttle body will harm its performance and decrease your engine’s power. An improper air-fuel ratio is usually the result of a dirty throttle body that can’t allow the appropriate amount of air to enter the air intake system.
Once your throttle body is clean, you should see an improvement in your vehicle’s performance. In addition to cleaning the throttle body, a technician will usually check your air intake system, including the ducts, during throttle body service. 

Signs of a Dirty Throttle Body

It can be difficult to notice a difference in your engine’s performance if it changes gradually over time. However, there are a few signs that typically point to a dirty throttle body. We recommend scheduling throttle body service if you notice the following signs as you drive:

  • Sluggish acceleration 
  • Rough or high idling
  • Stalling
  • A negative impact on fuel economy
  • Your acceleration is jumpy

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