GMC Sierra Electrical Repair

GMC Sierra Electrical Repair is always an interesting job for any electrician. A guy came up with an issue in his GMC sierra that whenever he drives offroad or cross a hump, the dash lights disappear and all gauges stop working. Thats straight away short to ground and i fixed it. See the pictures, thats […]

Throttle Service

Throttle service is as important as engine oil change. There was lack of power in Toyota camry and we fixed it by just cleaning the throttle body. See the results What Is a Throttle Body? The throttle body is a component of the air intake system in most vehicles. The air intake system is responsible […]

Short to Voltage

A good auto electrician in Qatar to find short to voltage is not easy to find. At King Auto Qatar, a short to voltage was found in, Mercedes E240 W210 1998, fusebox that allowed to radiator fan to run all times and troubled the ignition switch. See what we found What Is an Electrical Short? […]